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SETU Ireland's Revolutionary Virtual Labs for Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Education

A 20 million euro lab on a VR headset

In a groundbreaking move, SETU Ireland has decided to implement PNX Labs' virtual labs in their Certificate in Innovative Materials for Industry 4.0 program hre, making it the first in the world to offer a complete Aconity3D printer manufacturing virtual lab that replicates the real instrument. This innovative approach to teaching advanced manufacturing brings numerous benefits and reflects SETU's vision for the future of education. This article will explore the virtual labs, the decision to adopt this unique approach, and the advantages it brings to both students and the industry.

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Florida International University

Florida International University Leaps into the Future with PNX Labs' Virtual Labs for Mechanics of Solids and Fluid Mechanics

Mechanics of Solids and Fluid Mechanics Virtual Labs

In a bold move to revolutionize engineering education, Florida International University (FIU) has announced its decision to invest heavily in the development of virtual labs for mechanics of solids and fluid mechanics. Partnering with PNX Labs, a leading provider of virtual laboratory solutions, FIU aims to create an immersive, innovative, and interactive learning experience for its students. With the implementation set to commence in the Fall of 2023, this collaboration will see the development of virtual labs that encompass a wide range of experiments, including heat exchangers, flow measurement devices, centrifugal pump performance, and many more. This article explores the rationale behind FIU's groundbreaking decision and delves into the potential benefits and impact on students' learning experiences.

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Savannah State University

Savannah State University Virtual Labs Engineering Mechaincs

Mechanics of Solids Virtual Labs

Virtual labs have become an increasingly popular way for universities and other institutions to teach students about conducting laboratory experiments. Savannah State University, in partnership with PNX Labs, has implemented a virtual lab for mechanics of solids, which allows students to conduct a tension test in a universal test machine with 10 specimens such as steel, aluminum, thermoplastics and carbon fiber.

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CEMEX Virtual Labs for Cement Production Training

From Pre-heater operations and Rotatory Kiln to Mixture and Shipping

The project, developed by PNX Labs, aims to reduce the time it takes to train production engineers so they can understand from top to bottom the critical production variables involved in cement production. The VR experience was divided into ten modules, each with 5-10 sub-modules. The training program includes the following modules: Mixture preparation, milling, preheater and calcination, rotatory kiln, burners, cooling, cement production, packaging, hydration, and concrete production.

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Munster Technological University

Mechanicsl Engineering Virtual Labs for Munster Technological University Ireland

Mechanics of Materials - Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Irish universities are leading the world in implementing AAA virtual labs for their programs. On October 2022, Munster Technological University in Ireland began this journey by investing in the development of PNX Virtual labs for mechanical engineering. The first project aims to teach students to operate the Instron 3400 Universal Test Machine to perform tension tests. The goal is to have a complete mechanical engineering VR lab by 2023 with the most common instruments.

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Dublin City University

Advanced Manufacturing VR Lab for DCU Ireland

Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Metal 3D Printing

On September 2022, Dublin city university school of engineering will begin implementing a series of virtual labs for mechanical engineering and advanced manufacturing. The project was developed to teach students how to operate the Aconity 3D printer, a laser beam metal powder 3d printer manufactured in Germany. These printers can cost over 1 million euros, and their operation can be dangerous. Metal powders are highly toxic and can ignite instantly in the presence of oxygen.

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Mohawk College

Fluid Mechanics Virtual Labs for Mohawk College, Canada

Bernoulli’s Equation, Flow Measurement, Open Channel Flow and more.

On January 2022, Mohawk College will start implementing a series of Virtual Labs to teach fluid mechanics in the school of engineering. When it comes to teaching science and engineering, fluid mechanics is one of the most difficult subjects to teach without a proper laboratory. Fluid mechanics experimentation allows students to better comprehend the math and science behind the interaction of fluids. On the other hand, fluid mechanics labs often require not just expensive equipment but instructors to be present to avoid injuries and damage the equipment. Virtual Labs, will help students to complete the same experiments at a hazard-free environment with many additional benefits. Students can repeat the same experiments as many times they request. If they have their own VR headset they can request a license for their own.

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Dublin City University

Chemical Engineering Virtual Labs for Dublin City University

Advanced Chemistry - Ion Chromatography

Very few universities around the world are innovative enough to make great ideas come true. Starting in January 2022, Dublin city University will implement a series of virtual labs to train students in the use of specialized equipment for chemical engineering. Developed by PNx Labs, the first set of virtual labs will allow students to learn the experimentation procedures to analyze substances using ion chromatography instruments. These instruments are not just expensive but require very careful handling and operation. Students are usually supervised by experienced graduate students or lab technicians. By implementing VR Simulations, DCU students will be able to learn in a risk-free environment how to use these chemistry instruments and speed the training process so they can be ready go into the physical lab much faster.

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Florida International University

Engineering Virtual Labs for Florida International University

Instrumentation and Thermalfluid

Starting in September the Florida International University will make use for the first time of a series of Virtual Labs for Engineering. Students will be able to do multiple experiments in both windows and HTML platforms, perform calculations, record data and modify key variables with real instrument models. All the data used to develop the simulations was gathered from real experimentation performed by the faculty so students and professors can be sure the same data generated by the virtual labs will math that of the real world.

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Lamar University

Engineering Virtual Labs for Lamar University in Texas

Virtual Labs Mechanics of Materials, Energy and Mechanics

Starting in September Lamar University in Texas will use for the first time a series of Virtual Labs for Engineering. Students will be able to do multiple experiments in both Windows PCs and VR Headsets, perform calculations, record data and modify key variables with real instrument models. All the data used to develop the simulations was gathered from real experimentation so students and professors can be confident the same data generated by the virtual labs will math that of the real world.

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Virtual Labs Water Management

Wastewater Management Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Integrated Water Management and Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations

From a one-billion-dollar wastewater treatment plant to floating down the Bow River without ever getting wet, students in SAIT’s water management programs are able to go on virtual tours, field trips and practice measuring the velocity of a river using Oculus Quest headsets.

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Mechanics Virtual Lab

Mechanical Virtual Labs

Mechanics Virtual Labs Tecnológico de Monterrey

This platform will allow them to interact in a virtual way with the elements they designed, assemble them and observe their operation to obtain mathematical results that allow them to evaluate the functionality of the design. For Christoper Falcón, the idea of ​​this project is that all the subjects that involve mechanical design have this learning methodology and later, be able to expand them to subjects of other specialties.


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