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At PNX Labs we have a team of experienced professionals in various scientific disciplines such as Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Biotechnology therefore we can understand our customers and provide a best in class service. To start a project with PNX Labs we usually request the following information. The customer must disclose all the information related to the project they want us to develop so that we can provide the best quotation possible

1. Description of the desired solution

The customer must provide a detailed description of the simulation they want us to develop. This includes drawings, components or machines they want us to simulate, workflows of the simulation and any documentation related to the project. In case of universities requesting a laboratory simulation, we request a worksheet with the description of the different activities the students will do in the simulation. The more information we have the better.

2. Detailed workflow

If the customer wants a specific simulation workflow they must provide the documentation of the workflow. For example if the customer wants a simulation to train personnel in the maintenance of jet engines, the customer must provide the maintenance manuals, videos and any documentation related to the jet engine maintenance workflow. We can also help the customer to create a specific simulation workflow at a competitive cost in case the customer requests it.

3. Proprietary components and designs

If the customer whishes to include any machines or components that are property of the customer and not publicly available then we request the designs in STL format along with the specifications of the functionality of the design. If the customer wants us to design a special piece of equipment we can do it at a very competitive price. We have a library of over 10,000 industrial and scientific components and therefore most of the time we don’t charge for the designs of the components for most scientific and industrial simulations.

Full developments in as little as 2 days

Our simulations platform has over 10,000 functions and pre build algorithms to ensure we can deliver a fast development experience to our customers. Once the information is submitted and the project is approved we will start to work on the simulations. The customer can see in real time how the project is progressing, test the simulations before completed and more.

Multiple Platform Support

Depending on each use case which is defined with the customer we can develop applications for one or more platforms at a very competitive cost.Our Technology allows us to develop for multiple platforms at a fraction of the cost thanks to our Science and Engineering algorithms and pre-build STEM functions. We can develop for Android, IOS, Web, Windows, Mac, Linux and Virtual Reality. For Virtual Reality we support the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, HTC Vive and More.