Our Biology Virtual Labs

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Biology Labs for Higher Education

Understand the basics of life

Help your students succeed in biology by providing them a full laboratory with real world simulations for various topics:

- The Cell, chemistry, structure and functions

- DNA, Genes, Genomics and Cell cycle

- Microbiology, viruses, bacteria and archaea

- Plant biology, structure, evolution and reproduction

- Animal biology, cardiovascular systems, immune system, neurons and nervous system, organs and locomotion

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Real world applications

Biology labs + industrial applications

How can we apply the concepts of Biology to create better industrial processes for the pharmaceutical industry? How does bacteria grow in the production of beer and other food related products? Answer these questions in our Virtual Labs where you will find numerous applications of what you have learned.

A full Biology lab for a college or university costs over 2 million USD, with PNX Labs you can get a full Virtual Lab of Biology for your students for just 1,000 USD/year

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