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Advanced Virtual Labs for Companies and STEM Programs

Evaluate - Analyze - Train - Improve Efficiency - Predict - Reduce Costs

At PNX Labs we work extensively with the industry to provide the best solutions for STEM education and Industrial Virtualizations. By using our proprietary platform we are able to create complex science and engineering simulations to allow companies to improve current engineering processes, train personnel and increase productivity.

Our Advanced Simulations can be developed for multiple platforms and can include one or more of the following features:

- Multiple users in the same environment (Up to 64)

- Real time data integration with real industrial processes.

- Training visualizations with multiple KPIs.

- Integration with current industrial processes for process control.

- Artificial intelligence to predict catastrophic events, predictive maintenance, and more.

- Data visualization in real time. - And more...

Replicate and Improve your processes

We can develop Virtualizations of your current industrial layouts or create a new one for your organization to evaluate and consider for future projects. This allows you to Virtually operate your planned project to visualize problems and prevent future problems of operation.

Full developments in as little as 2 days

Our simulations platform has over 10,000 functions and pre build algorithms to ensure we can deliver a fast development experience to our customers. Once the information is submitted and the project is approved we will start to work on the simulations. The customer can see in real time how the project is progressing, test the simulations before completed and more.

Multiple Platform Support

Depending on each use case which is defined with the customer we can develop applications for one or more platforms at a very competitive cost.Our Technology allows us to develop for multiple platforms at a fraction of the cost thanks to our Science and Engineering algorithms and pre-build STEM functions. We can develop for Android, IOS, Web, Windows, Mac, Linux and Virtual Reality. For Virtual Reality we support the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, HTC Vive and More.