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Evaluate, Inspect and collaborate in a Virtual CAD Enviroment to speed the design process

PNX Cad XR is a Virtual Reality inspection software that enables immersive manipulation and analysis of 3D models. This accelerates problem identification and reduces design errors, allowing for more iterations and fewer prototypes. The software offers a range of functionalities, such as dismantling pieces, sectioning, measuring, changing materials, scaling up or down, applying light sources, and adding annotations and photos. These features make it easier to interpret 3D model volume and accelerate product validation.

PNX CadXR allows you to inspect, simulate and validate your CAD designs so you can perfect your designs and get your product to market faster.

■ Import your CAD designs from ANY CAD software like Solidworks, CATIA, NX, Inventor etc

■ Import your animations from your CAD software or animate them inside PNX CadXR with physics enabled simulation for a realistic simulation approach

■ Manipulate your CAD designs with your hands for a better inspection approach

■ Multiple users, up to 16 Users can be inside the same virtual environment with a max capacity of 64 (upon request)

■ Scale, transport, rotate, change materials, make cuts, and inspect components of your designs independently

Multiple Benefits to get your product to market sooner

■ Decreases the number of design iterations required

■ Lowers prototyping expenses

■ Enables customers to experience designs in an immersive environment, accelerating product validation

■ Enhances design collaboration through multi-user experiences

■ Validates simulations and checks product functionality

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