PNX CadXR IMTS Discount

Evaluate, Inspect and collaborate in a Virtual CAD Enviroment to speed the design process

For Virtual Reality Headsets - Supports any CAD Software

PNX CadXR allows you to inspect, simulate and validate your CAD designs so you can perfect your designs and get your product to market faster.

■ Import your CAD designs from ANY CAD software like Solidworks, CATIA, NX, Inventor etc

■ Import your animations from your CAD software or animate them inside PNX CadXR with physics enabled simulation for a realistic simulation approach

■ Manipulate your CAD designs with your hands for a better inspection approach

■ Multiple users, up to 16 Users can be inside the same virtual environment with a max capacity of 64 (upon request)

■ Scale, transport, rotate, change materials, make cuts, and inspect components of your designs independently

Multiple Benefits to get your product to market sooner

■ Reduces the number of design interations

■ Reduces prototyping costs

■ Show your customers your designs in an immersive environment for a faster product valiadation

■ Better design collaboration thanks to a multiple-user experience

■ Validate simulations and product functionality

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For Virtual Reality Headsets



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