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Physics Labs for Higher Education

Classical Mechanics

Our Physics labs for Classical mechanics allow students to understand the concepts of velocity, acceleration, momentum, centripetal forces, oscillations, sound-waves and energy.

In our VR simulations students will make use of measurement equipment and will apply the concepts learned to real world applications in the industry. These labs provide the best experience for students as it makes use of our powerful engine to create real world simulations.

A full equipped Physics lab for college students cost between 250 to 700,000 USD/year. With PNX Labs you will lower your education costs and increase the scalability of your programs.

We are never finish. We keep our Physics labs updated with more content with the aid of our industrial partners and academic professors to create the best academic materials in our VR Labs.
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Real world applications

Physics labs + industrial applications

How can we apply Classical mechanics to the design of a jet engine? what should be the mass of the engine and the airplane so it can lift from the ground? How many gallons of fuel do we need for a 14 hour flight?.

In PNX we are committed to provide real world experience to students so we have packed a series of industrial problems and challenges so that students can apply the basic concepts of physics to real world problems.

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Get ready for Advanced subjects

Nanotechnology, Optics and More

Upon completion of our Physics Labs, students will be able to continue with more advanced simulations like Nanotechnology, materials science and more.

Full developments in as little as 2 days

Our simulations platform has over 10,000 functions and pre build algorithms to ensure we can deliver a fast development experience to our customers. Once the information is submitted and the project is approved we will start to work on the simulations. The customer can see in real time how the project is progressing, test the simulations before completed and more.

Multiple Platform Support

Depending on each use case which is defined with the customer we can develop applications for one or more platforms at a very competitive cost.Our Technology allows us to develop for multiple platforms at a fraction of the cost thanks to our Science and Engineering algorithms and pre-build STEM functions. We can develop for Android, IOS, Web, Windows, Mac, Linux and Virtual Reality. For Virtual Reality we support the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, HTC Vive and More.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Labs Chemistry
Oculus Vive

Physics - Industrial Conveyors

Mass - Velocity - Acceleration - Friction - Pressure

The objective of this Lab is to provide students with a series of exercises in which they can apply the laws of physics to industrial problems. By completing the 3 Tasks students will understand the concepts of pressure, mass, velocity and acceleration as well as the impact of friction when objects are moved in industrial conveyors.

In this Virtual Reality Lab for Physics, students will apply the concepts of mass, position, velocity, acceleration and friction in packages being stored at a DHL facility are processed correctly. Students will calculate the input variables of several pneumatic pistons which are employed in almost every industrial production system. Students will simulate the movement of the packages and the pistons to understand how the movement of these components can be calculated with the laws of physics.

To access the simulation follow this link, install and run on your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive..

Documentation - Installation Package.

VR Physics

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