PNX Stories Virtual Labs for Engineering - 7/24/2021

Virtual Labs Water Management
Virtual Labs Water Management
Virtual Labs Water Management
Virtual Labs Water Management

Engineering Virtual Labs for Lamar University

Virtual Labs Mechanics of Materials, Energy and Mechanics

Starting in September 2021 Lamar University in Texas will use for the first time a series of Virtual Labs for Engineering. Students will be able to do multiple experiments in both Windows PCs and VR Headsets, perform calculations, record data and modify key variables with real instrument models. All the data used to develop the simulations was gathered from real experimentation so students and professors can be confident the same data generated by the virtual labs will match that of the real world. Some of the experiments that were developed by PNX Labs for Lamar University are the following:

1. Virtual Lab Mechanics - Tension Test

2. Virtual Lab Mechanics - Bending Test Simple Supported Beam

3. Virtual Lab Mechanics - Bending test cantilever beam

4. Virtual Lab Mechanics - Torsion Test

5. Virtual Lab Mechanics - Brinell Hardness Test

6. Virtual Lab Mechanics - Rockwell Hardness Test

7. Virtual Lab Mechanics - Spring Test

8. Virtual Lab Mechanics - Compression Test

9. Virtual Lab Mechanics - Izod Impact Test

10. Virtual Lab Mechanics - Charpy Impact Test

11. Virtual Lab - Force, mass and acceleration

12. Virtual Lab - Rotational Kinematics

13. Virtual Lab - Kinematics

14. Virtual Lab Energy - Nuclear Plant

15. Virtual Lab Energy - Solar Thermal Plant

16. Virtual Lab Energy - Hydro Power Plant

The VR experience was possible thanks to Pico Interactive. The university made a purchase of 20 VR headsets from Pico Interactive. The simulations will also be available in for windows platforms to allow students to learn from real experimentation from the comfort of their homes. Virtual labs will not only allow students to learn but will also open the doors for future online learning platforms. Nowadays education faces several challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis faced by several nations. This will increase the adoption of virtual labs since they are the only mean to educate students in STEM programs where laboratory experiences are important.

At PNX Labs we are fully committed to deliver the best customized virtual labs in the market. By using our proprietary platform we have been able to develop over 1000 Virtual experiments since April 2020 to help universities around to continue with their education agenda.

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