Dublin City University Manufacturing Virtual Labs - 12/09/2022

Dublin City University
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Manufacturing & Mechanics Virtual Labs for Dublin City University

Advanced Manufacturing & Mechanics of Materials

On September 2022, Dublin city university school of engineering will begin implementing a series of virtual labs for mechanical engineering and advanced manufacturing. The project was developed to teach students how to operate the Aconity 3D printer, a laser beam metal powder 3d printer manufactured in Germany. These printers can cost over 1 million euros, and their operation can be dangerous. Metal powders are highly toxic and can ignite instantly in the presence of oxygen.

With PNX Labs VR Simulations, students will learn how to operate the Aconity 3D printer step by step. From preparing the metal powder, installing the machine’s components, opening and closing the gas valves to working the Aconity software.

With this program, Dublin City University became the first institution of higher education in the world to implement an advanced manufacturing virtual lab. The university has also invested in PNX Labs solutions to develop a Universal Tension Test Machine simulator based on the Zwick Z050 instrument and a Chemistry Laboratory for Ion Chromatography instrumentation.

Virtual Labs not only help students learn faster, but they can also bring expensive technology to their hands in many cases. Many instruments and technologies in the market are costly and can become obsolete in 3-5 years. With virtual labs, students can learn the same as with original equipment, with the benefits of scalability, collaborative interactions, and faster training.
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