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Virtual Labs Water Management

Wastewater Management Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Integrated Water Management and Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations

From a one-billion-dollar wastewater treatment plant to floating down the Bow River without ever getting wet, students in SAIT’s water management programs are able to go on virtual tours, field trips and practice measuring the velocity of a river using Oculus Quest headsets.


Mechanics Virtual Lab

Mechanical Virtual Labs

Mechanics Virtual Labs Tecnológico de Monterrey

This platform will allow them to interact in a virtual way with the elements they designed, assemble them and observe their operation to obtain mathematical results that allow them to evaluate the functionality of the design. For Christoper Falcón, the idea of ​​this project is that all the subjects that involve mechanical design have this learning methodology and later, be able to expand them to subjects of other specialties.


Virtual Labs Physics

Physics, Chemistry and Biology for K12

STEM Virtual Labs for K12 in Latin-America

Coming soon.


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