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Virtual Labs Mechanics
Virtual Labs Fluid Mechanics

PNX Virtual Labs Fluid Mechanics

Virtual Reality Labs: Fluid Mechanics Unveiled

"Immerse yourself in the world of fluid mechanics with this comprehensive package of virtual labs tailored for Meta Quest. Dive deep into key experiments like Pressure Loss in Pipes, Orifice Calibration, and Centrifugal Pumps. Grasp the intricacies of Pumps in Series and Parallel, unravel the nuances of Pipe Friction, and get hands-on experience with Flow Measuring techniques. Designed with precision and interactivity in mind, these labs offer an unparalleled virtual reality experience, making complex fluid mechanics concepts more accessible and engaging than ever before."

Some of the Experiments in the full package are:

1. Virtual Lab Fluid Mechanics - Pressure Loss in Pipes

2. Virtual Lab Fluid Mechanics - Orifice Calibration

3. Virtual Lab Fluid Mechanics - Centrifugal Pumps

4. Virtual Lab Fluid Mechanics - Pumps in Series and Parallel

5. Virtual Lab Fluid Mechanics - Pipe Friction

6. Virtual Lab Fluid Mechanics - Flow Measuring

To access the simulation follow this link, Unzip and run on your windows PC.

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Virtual Labs Universal Test Machine

PNX Virtual Lab Universal Test Machine

Universal Tension Tests

"Dive into the world of materials testing with the state-of-the-art virtual labs for the Universal Test Machine. Experience firsthand the intricacies of tension tests across a diverse range of 10 specimens, spanning from flexible polymers and resilient metals to advanced composites. This immersive VR platform not only offers hands-on learning, but it also brings to life the unique characteristics and behaviors of each material under stress. With detailed simulations and real-time feedback, users gain a deeper understanding of material properties, all within a virtual yet realistic testing environment. Elevate your knowledge and skills with this unparalleled learning tool."

To access the simulation follow this link, Unzip and run on your windows PC.

Install Virtual Lab Universal Test Machine

Aconity 3D Printer

Advanced 3D Manufacturing Aconity 3D

Metal 3D Printer Aconity 3D

Step into the immersive realm of advanced manufacturing through virtual reality with our simulation of the Aconity 3D Printer Mini, specifically designed for meticulous metal part production using laser technology. In collaboration with Dublin City University, this VR experience not only captures the authentic procedures and processes of the Aconity 3D printer but also harnesses the advantages of virtual reality. Students can virtually assemble the printer, modify its parameters, and select from a diverse collection of designs to print, all while experiencing the profound immersion that only VR can offer.

To access the simulation follow this link, Unzip and run on your windows PC.

Install VR Aconity 3D

virtual Lab Thermodynamics Steel
Virtual Lab Thermodynamics Control Panel

Thermodynamics in Steel Production

Steel Furnace, Cooling and Rolling

Dive into a virtual journey where you'll grasp the essentials of steel production, intertwined with core heat transfer principles. Virtual Labs bridge the gap between intricate engineering concepts and real-world applications, offering insights typically out of reach. Imagine a budding engineer controlling a multi-million dollar steel plant - it's unfeasible in reality, but entirely possible here. Before we embark, safety comes first. First equip yourself with Safety Glasses, work boots, a helmet, and gloves for the production floor. Once suited, proceed to the exit door to commence.

To access the simulation follow this link, Unzip and run on your windows PC.

Install Thermo Steel

virtual Lab Chemistry

Ion Chromatography Training


Dive into the intricacies of operating the Dionex ICS 300 Ion Chromatography Instrument through our Virtual Reality Lab. Students can grasp the procedures for solution preparation, configuration, and processing for ion chromatography analysis. The lab features distinct modules that cover the instrument's components, its operation, and the various analysis outcomes.

To access the simulation follow this link, Unzip and run on your windows PC.

Install VR Ion Chromatography

SETU Ireland Logo

SETU Ireland's Revolutionary Virtual Labs for Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Education

A 20 million euro lab on a VR headset

In a groundbreaking move, SETU Ireland has decided to implement PNX Labs' virtual labs in their Certificate in Innovative Materials for Industry 4.0 program hre, making it the first in the world to offer a complete Aconity3D printer manufacturing virtual lab that replicates the real instrument. This innovative approach to teaching advanced manufacturing brings numerous benefits and reflects SETU's vision for the future of education. This article will explore the virtual labs, the decision to adopt this unique approach, and the advantages it brings to both students and the industry.


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