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Full Manufacturing Facilities

Understand the science and technology behind how things are produced

Manufacturing Technologies have been evolving rapidly over the past decades bringing new possibilities to create new and better products. In our VR Manufacturing Simulations students will have the opportunity to experience how manufacturing technologies work from a technical and scientific perspective.

Our Manufacturing Labs are created by gathering information from our industry advisers to make sure we have top of the line simulations that match current state of the art technologies. All of our manufacturing labs are created based on real industrial applications and scenarios in order to teach students the concepts they will face in the manufacturing industry.

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Manufacturing for Diverse Industries

We have a huge selection of Manufacturing simulations tailored for college education and beyond. These labs are designed to meet the highest standards of visualization to replicate real working environments for students. Some of the currriculum content includes the following topics:

- Manufacturing of Metals

- Machining and Welding

- Laser Technologies

- Properties of Materials

- Alloys

- Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

- Polymers

- Ceramics, Graphite, Diamond and Nanomaterials

- Composite Materials

- Semiconductors

- Quality Assurance