Our Fluid Mechanics VR Labs

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Fluid Mechanics for Higher Education

With Industrial Applications

Our Fluid Mechanics Labs allow students to visualize how different machines operate under different conditions. From hydro power plants and simple water pump applications to the operation of Turbofan and Aircraft engines.

In our VR simulations students will make use of several formulas and concepts such as the Bernoulli Equation, Fluid Statics and Differential Analysis to real industrial problems:

- Hydro Power

- Water Pumps

- Turbo-machinery

- Hydraulic Actuators

- Aircraft Design

and more.

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Academic Content

Created for College curriculum

As with all our VR Labs we are 100% committed in providing real academic content to improve the education of students and their understanding of real world problems.

- Fluid Statics

- Fluid Kinematics

- Bernoulli Equation

- Momentum and Dimensional Analysis

- Internal Flow

- Differential Analysis

- Compressible Flow

- Open-Channel Flow