Our Engineering Mechanics VR Labs

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Engineering Mechanics

Learn how machines work and the physics behind their functionality.

Engineering mechanics is the application of mechanics to solve problems involving common engineering elements. Most universities offer engineering mechanics degrees in which topics such as statics, dynamics and mechanics of materials are covered. Teaching these subjects can be quite difficult without the proper laboratory equipment. Our VR Labs allow students to experience the application of Engineering Mechanics to real problems in the industry. Students will learn how machines work and operate under different conditions and the mathematical concepts behind their functionality.

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Academic Content

Dynamics for STEM Curriculum

All of our VR Labs are focused on academic curriculum. Our Engineering Mechanics labs cover the following content:

- Force, Mass and Acceleration

- Energy and Work

- Rotational Kinematics

- Momentum and Impulse

- Kinematics in 2 dimensions

- Kinematics in 3 dimensions

- Vibrations