Our Energy VR Labs

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Full Energy Facilities

Understand how Energy is Produced

Energy production is one of the most widely discussed topics nowadays. Getting to know how these technologies work is critical for students to understand if they want to achieve a position in an energy company. Our VR Labs for Energy allow students to understand the science and technical aspects of energy generation. We have a full set of energy power plants where students can simulate complex operations sot hey can be better prepared to work at the industry.

In our VR simulations students will make use of measurement equipment and will apply the concepts learned to real world applications in the industry. These labs provide the best experience for students as it makes use of our powerful engine to create real world simulations.

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Real Simulations for Energy Production

Hydro, Nuclear and more

Our VR Labs for energy come equipped with hundreds of operations exercises in the following fields:

- Hydro Power

- Solar PV Systems

- Solar Thermal Systems

- Nuclear Power Generation

- Wind Power Systems

- Materials for Resource Efficiency

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Get Ready to Work at the Industry

STEM Tailored

Our Energy Labs will not only teach Students the technical aspects of how energy is produced but the science behind their operations. Students must have a basic knowledge of the following subjects before performing any of our simulations:

- Fluid Mechanics

- Thermodynamics

- Basic Chemistry

- Physics/Dynamics