Our Chemistry VR Labs

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Chemistry Labs for Higher Education

A fully equipped Chemistry Lab for College Students

At PNX Labs we push the boundaries of education by providing state of the art laboratories with real world simulations. Our chemistry lab is the most advanced virtual simulator that covers a wide range of subjects. With our labs stundets will go through a series of experiments that will contribute to the learning of several topics.

With Our Chemistry Lab students will learn:

- Atoms, molecules and ions

- Mss in chemistry reactions

- Solid State Chemistry

- Thermochemistry

- Chemistry of Gases

- Quantum Theory

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The properties of matter

Multiple experiments to understand the elements

In our Chemistry Lab we have created the best examples and experiments to help students in their chemistry curriculum. Multiple experiments with real world applications are included and more area added with the aid of our industrial partners and academic associates.

We have over 10 different full experiments where students work around multiple elements, chemical reactions, instrumentation and quantification of chemical properties. This is a must have for any university that teaches chemistry as a basic science.

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Real world applications

Have you ever wonder how a nuclear reactor operates?

Without real world applications, education cannot be achieved. Imagine being able to work on the setup of a fully functional nuclear reactor and explore step by step how do they work. with our nuclear reactor simulator you will reinforce the concepts of chemistry and matter and understand how different materials affect the way a nuclear rector operates.

With our technology we can bring to life any physical simulation to life and create complex learning experiences for Science and Technology, the nuclear reactor laboratory is just an example of the complexity that we can achieve fot institutions of higher education.